Toxicity Calculator

Dogs and chocolate do not get along due to a chemical known as theobromide which is poisonous for canines. While minute amounts of chocolate may not be bad for your dog, human size portions may be deadly.

To see if your dog requires immediate veterinary care, use this handy Toxicity Calculator from VetsNow. Com

Please note: While the calculator works, the locator WILL NOT. It is a service which is unavailable in the United States. If you find your dog has consumed a dangerous dose of chocolate, please contact your local Emergency Veterinary Clinc, or your prefered vet immediately.

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So… 5 years later…

Welcome to the Blargs. Yes, Blargs, because blog is so last century. Actually, its because I like the sound of it. I’m weird, so sue me.

So in the past five years, much has happened. Just check out the Blargs! This place can be boring on a Friday night…and this is just Monday morning (If you know that reference, I like you).

I had been doing a lot of 3D art and was getting into mesh building with the help of my friend Edd, from England, when the caca connected with the breeze maker, as they say…somewhere… oh wait, that’s my head. I knew it looked familiar.

So, the computer took a dirt nap, the finances took a vacation (a long vacation – I’ve got postcards from the moon), and the health, well, let’s just say it’s not healthy. I lost touch with all my 3D buds and pals, some of whom I’m not sure breathe anymore. Saving for a new computer became an exercise in every way not to save money for a new computer. And my health got … well, better in some aspects but worse in others. I’ve lived longer than my ex-wife commanded me to (back in the old days when she might possibly have actually cared). But I’m no fun at parties anymore, can’t keep up with the kids anymore … oh wait, that’s just old age, but I check my blood pressure and blood sugar levels twice a day, swallow more pills than a hippie, and require support to walk any further than… not walking.

Life is fun. We live in a time that everyone wanted to be in. There’s this global pandemic, political unrest, idiots are in control of the government, corporations control of our lives… Everything Hollywood ever dreamed up for us isĀ  thriving… ain’t that a hoot. But life is not all thorns and roses. Thanks to the help of our previous leader, 3D has returned to me, slowly, but I have my finger on the trig… I mean, I have a handle on things. Now if I can just find the door that this handle goes to…

Well, that’s the update. Be on the lookout for the next thrilling installment. I promise it won’t be another 5 years this time. I’m not promising it won’t be more. You’ll just have to keep looking in and figuring it out.

Actually, I think there’s a button in your profile or settings, or maybe that’s in my head, too – keeping that other idea company…

Have fun, live life, and don’t take anything seriously if you want it to last.

Until next time…

Welcome to Static’s Attic

First off, I am not claiming any particular level of expertise in any subject. This site is merely a place for me to put random thoughts and ideas about different subjects. If it should blossom into anything more, so be it. If not, well that’s fine as well.

That said, it may get messy around here from time to time as I know nothing about operating a website of any kind. This may change as time goes by, which would not be a bad thing, but it is not an immediate priority.

I welcome your input, so long as it is constructive and non-abusive in nature. If you wish to post here, I will expect proper decorum. Obscenities will not be tolerated. Hate comments will not be tolerated. Abusive comments will not be tolerated. Don’t make me blacklist you.

That said, there will, eventually, be 3D art posted here. Nudes are welcome if they are tasteful and artistic in nature. No raw porn allowed!

If you wish to contribute to RPG posts, same rules apply. In general, I will discuss Fantasy and Sci-Fi RPGs, usually D&D and Traveller. Others are fine, but these are my main interests. Others include, but are not limited to, Magic: The Gathering, Vampire (World of Darkness), Twilight 2000, Star Wars, Car Wars, and Star Fleet.

No flaming allowed. Trolling will be frowned upon.

So. That’s it for now. I don’t no how often I will post. Currently there is no consideration as to the regularity or quantity of posting I will do here. It will largely depend on my state of mind and/or input from readers.

So long for now, and thanks for looking in.